The National – Trouble Will Find Me: 2013



The cover for The National’s Trouble Will Find Me incorporates a cropped section of Bohyun Hoon’s work Fragmentation, a piece that has carved sections of mirror placed equally over naked human bodies.

The title of the album matches perfectly with the situation the woman would be in if she wasn’t part of a piece of art, the mirror acting as a guillotine on the cover, with no sense of what is below the top half of her head. The black and white image and the old typewriter style font combine to match the dark, melancholy songs that the National produce, especially on their new album.


The album cover is a slight change from their 2007 Boxer, with the text being the predominant component, it suggests a return to their roots and a more down to earth sound compared to their slightly more uplifting 2010 album High Violet.

The song “I Need My Girl” was the promotional song for the 13-track album and as it is the poster track it seems fitting for the picture on the front to be of a woman trapped in a seemingly inescapable trap.


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