Aphex Twin, Windowlicker: 1999



We’re all familiar with the creepy Aphex Twin single Windowlicker, and the model’s body with Richard D. James’ head superimposed onto it, which makes it all the more weirder that when you see the real model as she is the one who looks photoshopped. Some have gone as far to say that Richard D. James’ version is hotter, but after watching the video for Windowlicker itself, I am inclined to disagree completely.

No one has any idea who the woman is, which is just as well really, because the infamy of Aphex Twin’s album cover may be a little too overbearing for the model.

The cover itself cannot be faulted, along with the glitch techno music from Richard D. James and the black hip hop video pisstake Chris Cunningham devised, it is the perfect package. Aphex Twin’s creepy smile will haunt you forever after you have experienced the entirety of Windowlicker.

Aphextwin windowlicker from M-Well on Vimeo.

The video was so good, H R Giger took it upon himself to draw one of the characters from it, naming the image “The Windowlickers.”



This terrifying image sticks in the mind of any person who watches the video, and so does the song.


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