Nick Drake – Pink Moon: 1972


Pink Moon is one of my favourite albums of all time, with a cover that matches the creative spirit of the genius that was Nick Drake. The cover displays a Dali/Magritte quality, displaying the predominant “Pink Moon” in the centre of the work.

Keith Morris was commissioned to photograph Drake for the cover of the album (because of the success of his photography on the 1970 album Bryter Layter) but the photos taken weren’t used, as Drake’s figure and complexion became weaker and lighter as his depression continued and his marketing team decided against the promotion of his current state.


Nick Drake was very vague with what he wanted on the front of his new album and the only thing his friends could gather from him was that he wanted a pink moon on it. A friend of Drake’s sister, Michael Trevithick had a surrealist style to his name and his label decided that he was the perfect man for the job. Drake never gave a formal opinion on the album cover itself but his friends seemed to gather that he was as happy with it as he could be at that point in his life.

Rolling Stones Magazine said “The beauty of Drake’s voice is its own justification. May it become familiar to us all.”



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